Thursday, 18 June 2015

Pin cushion jar

A non-dressmaking post...a make-do-and-mend one. My mum has a great portable pin cushion in a little fabric pot, so the pin cushion is inside the lid. It's cute but also really useful to have in the sewing box. I have a lovely pin cushion but it is too big to carry round so I wanted a sewing box pin jar, but I couldn't find a copycat version anywhere. Cue a bit of industrious DIY with leftovers to recycle- Pimms and Eurovision-watching optional ;)

Supplies: circle of scrap fabric, wadding, glue, jam/honey jar, circle of cardboard (slightly smaller than the jar lid, or it won't fit back on!).

Sew gathering stitches around the edge of a circle of fabric, gather and pack with a little wadding, glue to a circle of cardboard (i.e. cereal box card!) and then onto recycled jar lid and leave to dry. Ta da!

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