Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Back to it....this blog hasn't been that consistent but it is still a record of things made and lessons learned last year, so worth returning to- complete with some resolutions made so far in 2015.
  1. Try new patterns and extend skills. The year started with lovely gifts of new patterns like Grainline 'Archer' and Sew Over It '1940's Tea Party Dress' to spur me on. I am also trying to go through patterns bought and not attempted- the first one being the By Hand London 'Victoria'. Some focused fabric sale-shopping means I am ready to start; shirts and blazers here I come! Which brings me neatly to...
  2. Shop carefully. I love all things fabric. But this year I am making a conscious effort to buy fabric with a specific project in mind and sew with a plan. Or more of a plan.
  3. Learn more about adapting and even drafting patterns...So far this week I have been able to dress handmade every day but I want to be able to plan and create a handmade wardrobe...
  4. Make some pattern blocks... trace pattern pieces from things I have made and grade them to get fit right. 
Resolutions aside, I love sewing clothes more and more. Case in point, tonight's rather simple cooking endeavours resulted in an unbelievable amount of mess with little output, and me flapping the door open to de-steam the kitchen. But neatening some facing on a dress and tidying my sewing supplies in from of Wolf Hall? Calm in the storm.