Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Betty dress {Sew Over It}

AKA The perfect dress for a secret-ninja wedding party :)

I didn't want to start with a retrospective post but although I made this dress in December, it's still worth a mention.

This was my first go at making a Sew Over It pattern and it is a really lovely one. You end up with what it says on the packet, a beautiful vintage party frock with a huge circle skirt. It is difficult to photograph, especially in a narrow window of remaining daylight and 'assisted' by a cat who wanted to frolic on-camera if he could...but trust me, it's a lovely dress style. The one downside is it takes a lot of fabric- and this is from someone who gleefully squeezes every inch out of my fabric buys, layout plans be damned.

'Tis not that surprising as the massive hem alone gobbles fabric so I just waited until I had a larger stash of fabric, which turned out to be this thick print. I honestly have no idea now what kind of fabric this is to be honest, although I am guessing a rayon-y/viscose-y element...it is very heavy and looks kind of like upholstery material at first glance {!}, but I think makes a beautiful thick winter dress. It drapes very nicely and, though I did reinforce the waistband seams just in case, is holding up lovely.
Dress in full...

From memory, it was a straightforward pattern with lovely clear instructions with two queries. Well one, as my choice of fabric meant I wanted to strengthen the waist. However, I found the bodice neckline/ interfacing instructions pretty unwieldy. I think it tells you to pull through and sort when dress is assembled but I would definitely finish the bodice first, then attach to the skirt, next time. Mind you there is every chance I misread, and I was using the heaviest fabric possible, so will report back.

My hemming is also a disgrace on this dress but a circle skirt hides a multitude of hem sins...I hope!

All in all, I loved this pattern and I love this dress- which I made for a lovely friend's secret wedding so it holds great memories. I am definitely going to make a spring version soon.